Harry Lewis.

Voice coach.


A voice coach works alongside individuals looking to improve their speech and communication skills.

For children, Harry can help younger people and children overcome nerves whilst speaking, improve breathing and speech delivery and help them overcome stammers and speech impediments.  Failing to resolve these issues early can often lead to low self esteem, lack of confidence, poor scholastic achievement and lower expectations in life.   

For adults, those in the business world will know the value of presence and presentation skills in the work place.  No longer is it a case of what you say, or the way you say it, it is also the manner in which you present it.  You will learn to overcome poor speech habits, shallow or rapid breathing, and instead deliver a strong, flowing authoritative voice that has people hanging on your every word.

Singing teacher.


Your voice is your personal musical instrument.  You may want to share it with the world or simply improve your breathing and vocal range for personal pleasure.  Whichever the case, as a qualified singing teacher Harry will help you reach your goal.


Singing lessons as you might expect are on a one to one basis, although parents are of course welcome to sit in during tuition.  Harry's own speciality is contemporary however all the lessons are tailored to the wishes of the student from opera to pop with all ages catered for.  As you develop you will learn to read music notation to a high standard helping you (should you wish ) to progress towards classical examinations.  


Alternatively should you wish to learn just for fun Harry uses innovative learning techniques that are fun and exciting.


Piano Teacher.


Harry began learning to play piano when he was just four and qualified to teach in 2010.  He is a master of everything from classical to rock.

Learning to play the piano is the foundation of a strong musical base, and luckily it is also one of the easiest instruments to learn.  Harry's lessons cover treble and bass clefs, melody and harmony.  Learning piano is not only fun and a great skill to master it also improves co-ordination, left and right brain function and has been shown to improve concentration and language skills.


Students of all ages and talent levels can benefit from learning to play the piano both for fun and for a profitable career in music.  

Eighty eight keys and a million possibilities.

RGT registered guitar teacher.


New to learning the guitar or simply want to improve, whether it is for pleasure, personal development or even because you are looking to go into a career in music yourself.  Then one to one or group tutorials could be exactly what you are looking for.  As a qualified guitar teacher with over 10 years experience, and keen a guitar player himself Harry's skill set has helped hundreds of  children and adults to become competent players.

So no matter if your thing is jazz guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, or bass guitar Harry is your man.

One to one lessons or group tutorials available.  Group numbers are limited to a maximum of three students to ensure everybody gets individual attention and progresses at each lesson.  Additionally Harry offers a guitar hire service for those who do not own a guitar.



Standish House

Penkett Road